Cheap price, NOT cheap gear!


Complete kilt rental package

only $99


Made in the USA, UK & Canada

We think that quality gear shouldn't cost a lot!

The Argyle package is an Argyle jacket, tux shirt, black bow tie, belt & buckle, formal sporran with chain strap, socks, flashes and your choice of kilt (see the Available Tartans page).

You can wear your own shoes, or rent the traditional kilt shoes (called Ghillie Brougues) for an additional $15.

The jacket is quality-made (in th e USA) of 100% wool. It has a Prince Charlie sleeve which dresses it up and is sometimes called a Braemar jacket. The kilt is also made in the USA. The belt and buckle, sporran and chain strap are handmade by artisans in Nova Scotia, Canada. The socks are quality wool goods from the UK.

The team at Cheap Kilt is dedicated to providing you value for your dollar and bringing together an outfit for you that was NOT made in a third world country. These outfits are quality goods from the USA, Scotland and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Beware of imposter gear from Pakistan, India and China that is on the market and is, quite frankly, rubbish! We have seen kilts that look like an old blanket and sporrans that are crudely made from camel leather - yuk!




Argyle jacket with Black kilt